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Talk to a Doctor within 2 Hours.  Get a prescription sent to your pharmacy of choice if the doctor determines the RX is appropriate for the diagnosis.


No-Copays for Urgent Care

Only Health-care Solution that does not require insurance and has no co-pays for Urgent care.

24-Hour Support

24 Hour On Call Doctor and Health Services Support

Personal One on One Virtual Care

Our Staff of Certified Doctors take the time and care to provide the service necessary to help you feel cared for and can provide follow-up appointments through our Primary Care Program or at local facilities if necessary.

No More Waiting in Waiting Rooms.

Many people who visit clinics for minor illnesses can and do contract sickness worse that they orgionally came to the clinic for. Virtual Healtcare provides a better way to healthcare to protect yourself, your family and those around you. .

Order or Refill Prescriptions

Our Certified Doctors can provide the medication and prescriptions within minutes of an appointment to a local pharmacy.

What is OnCall?



Virtual Urgent Care

Regular $29.95


Limited Time Offer

Virtual Urgent Care
(Up to 8 members)

Health and Wellness Program

Access Doctor when you need it most 24/7/365

No Co-pays for Urgent Care

Membership for your entire household
(up to 8 members)

Will save time and money on ER visits and No waiting rooms full of sick people

All Physicians are US Licensed and Board Certified


24/7 availability to Master’s Level Counselors, Psychologist and Psychiatrist 

Immediate crisis support
Custom referral (if needed)


Add Up to 8 Family Members

View Medical History Online


Virtual HealthCare For You & Your Family (up to 8 family members)


Chat With A Virtual HealthCare Consultant

Have any Questions we are here to help.


“As an over the road truck driver, getting to a doctor is near impossible for me with availability and parking.  I called the Urgent Care doctor as I was feeling pretty bad and described my symptoms.  I had cellulitis on my leg and it was very uncomfortable and I thought it was infected.  The doctor had me send a picture from my truck to discover I had both cellulitis as well as a staph infection which I needed a anti-biotic immediately to cure.  The nurse arranged a pick up at the next truck friendly stop I could get to which was a Walmart pharmacy.  My script was waiting when I got there and I was on the road to recovery 90 minutes after calling the doctor with a total cost was $6.45 for the prescription.  I now use Virtual Primary Care for all my medical needs being able to pick the physician of my choice as my primary.  I will never drive without it.”

Sean H.

OTR Trucker

“Your service saved my daughters life … as soon as the physician heard my daughter speak he told her to get to the ER immediately .. we went … she was having an allergic reaction to her antibiotic & her throat was swelling blocking her airway … they rushed her in & she has been in the ICU since last night .. her condition has improved tremendously .. I thank you for that “voice” over the phone that told me we needed help … I will forever be grateful to your service & the Doctor on the other end of the line”

Elizabeth A


” I tried to do my initial signup with On-Call. I needed to speak to the doctor. . the nurse then asked why and I explained my situation to her and she said the doctor would call me back shortly. 45 minutes later I was on the phone with the doctor. I explained my situation. A short time later he explained my condition and the medication he was prescribing for me and had his nurse call the prescription into my local pharmacy. 20 minutes later I was on my meds and on the road to recovery. He is now my primary doctor and will be doing all my follow up from here on out. They even arrange blood draws for an annual physical.”

Bob B

Retired Plumber, EMT and FireFighter


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